Building a stronger and more vibrant community is the central focus of Yuhu Group Australia’s Eastwood Town Centre transformation plan. The mixed-use redevelopment proposal thoughtfully combines contemporary residential living with the convenience of a dynamic retail shopping and commercial services precinct.

Outstanding architecture and the clever use of space will be hallmarks of the project. Designers HDR have delivered on a brief to seamlessly connect public spaces and other features of the town centre to provide both convenience and that all-important single sense of community throughout.

Central to this thriving new community will be a sought-after residential component with a choice mix of living options. The project will also feature layered retail and commercial spaces, an ultra-modern shopping promenade and unique hanging garden.

Residents will have easy access to a wide variety of retail and commercial conveniences and ample underground car parking will service this new community. The Eastwood project in total would represent more than AUD $400 million of capital investment.

Economic Dividend

The major upside of Yuhu Group’s investments and project development is the economic dividend they provide to both NSW and beyond.

To provide an indication of the job-creating potential of our projects, it is estimated that the Eastwood development alone would create 1,000 jobs during the construction phase and more than 1,500 after completion.

New residents attracted to projects such as Eastwood and The Miller also help strengthen local economies.

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Project facts at a glance
152-160 Rowe St, Eastwood, NSW
Land Size
12,755 sqm
53,848 sqm
Construction Estimate
AUD $300 million
Project updates