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AFR: Yuhu reveals plans for tourism icons
2 FEB, 2018 | Yuhu Admin


The vision of Yuhu Group Australia chairman Huang Xiangmo to develop tourism icons at Circular Quay in Sydney and on Queensland’s Gold Coast was revealed by the Australian Financial Review (AFR).

Mr Huang was sharing his plans for the development of the company’s two major development projects, including One Circular Quay in Sydney and The Jewel at Surfers Paradise.

He said Yuhu Group’s goal was to develop “places of attraction” for Australia, not just luxury hotel rooms and apartments.

The company wants to see Sydney and the Gold Coast become as salubrious for visitors as world-renowned destinations such as Hong Kong, New York and Singapore.

Mr Huang said for Australia to become a famous international destination, we have to do a lot more than just promote good oxygen or clean air.

“We need a vision. We need to create better infrastructure, more icons, more hotels and more places to visit. We don’t want the two sites we bought to be just commercial projects, but to play a role in promoting Australian tourism,” he said.

At One Circular Quay the company shared plans for a spectacular infinity pool atop its hotel tower and a hope to offer fine dining at the edge of the pool. Yuhu is also in negotiation to attract world-class retail outlets for both projects from countries such as Japan.

Mr Huang said government also needed to do more to support major private sector development by facilitating better infrastructure such as fast trains to link cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

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