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Gold Coast Bulletin: Milestone reached for first Jewel tower
5 JUL, 2018 | Yuhu Admin

The Jewel development has achieved a major milestone with one of the project’s three towers reaching its final construction height of 34 levels, the Gold Coast Bulletin has reported.

Yuhu Group Australia director Jimmy Huang said project construction was progressing well and remained on schedule with the tallest tower expected to reach its maximum height of 47 storeys next month. The second highest tower has a maximum height of 41 levels.

The Jewel’s distinctive glass curtain walling has also been installed up to 35 storeys so far. Mr Huang said the company was planning a ‘top-out’ ceremony in August when all towers had reached maximum height.

“The topping out of the Jewel towers will represent a proud moment for everyone who has been involved in this wonderful project. In terms of both architecture and construction this will be a major achievement. The crystal-inspired towers are all that we envisaged and will be uniquely iconic features of the Gold Coast skyline,” he said.

“It takes an incredible amount of hard work to make a project like this a reality and we have been so impressed by the energy and commitment.”

Mr Huang said the company was very fortunate for the support it had received from everyone who had worked on the project and can’t wait for the towers to reach their peak.


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