Australia has developed an enviable global reputation as a trusted supplier of premium agricultural produce and seafood. These sectors have a very bright future as demand for high quality, safe and clean food and protein continues to grow across the Asia Pacific region with its rapidly rising middle class.

In 2014, we established Yuhu Agriculture Investments Pty Ltd to help capture some of this exciting potential. We are actively pursuing strategic investment opportunities and can also leverage our professional network to assist international investors identify and realise new opportunities.


Seafood Industry

Yuhu has identified the Australian seafood industry as one with strong continuing growth prospects. Demand is high for a range of products, including lobsters, abalone and oysters to name a few and overseas consumers are prepared to pay a premium for high quality items.

Yuhu has made initial investments centred on fisheries in Tasmania and South Australia with a value of over AUD$30 million. Our existing assets include licences and quota as well as processing facilities and we are also engaged in wholesale trade.

Our strategy centres on creating vertical supply chains connected to end customers in China and other markets and we are actively seeking large-scale investment opportunities in various parts of Australia.





Agriculture Seafood

New Opportunities

New investment in Australian agriculture provides a chance to not only capture the benefits of current opportunities but to help ensure the sector has the requisite scale, and capacity to meet lucrative future demand.

Yuhu Agriculture Investments actively examines opportunities which either have a proven track-record of sustainability, strong productivity and profitability or the potential to deliver these outcomes through targeted investment and better practices.

As well as fisheries, we continue to explore opportunities in other areas of agriculture, including dairy, meat, value-added crops and plantations. The aggregation of smaller assets to create more viable, larger-scale operations is an area of possible focus.


Investment Services

As a strategic investor, Yuhu has established a strong network in Australia that we can leverage to assist other international investors and prospective partners.

We have relationships across government, academia, trade associations, agricultural companies and farmers, industry bodies and key professional services such as banking and finance, accounting, legal and advisory services and real estate sales and marketing.

As a result, Yuhu can assist with:

1. Asset Identification.

2. Investment Planning and Financing.

3. Asset Acquisition, Development and Management.

Asset Identification



Asset Acquisition




Export and Trade

Yuhu is continually looking for innovative new ways to diversify its business and is dedicated to promoting the export and sale of Australian products to China and beyond.

Since 2017, Yuhu Agriculture has been working with Shenzhen Duty Free Group to develop an integrated cross-border trading system for the sale of Australian products in mainland China, Hong Kong and potentially other markets. Our objective is to create a streamlined process to provide consumers with access to premium quality Australian food products. This will incorporate online retailing as well as sales through actual stores.

Our involvement extends from product selection, sales and marketing, through to transport and logistics management and we are actively working in various parts of China, including North China, Shanghai district and Eastern China. Our partners within agriculture distribution channels, include supermarkets, wholesale markets, duty free stores and so-called ‘mummy-baby’ stores.

In a major step, Yuhu is currently in the process of sourcing a variety of high quality Australian products for export and sale.


Why Us?

  • As a partner, Yuhu offers broad knowledge of the Australian agricultural market, legislation and regulatory issues and expertise with business transactions and asset management.
  • An ability to source experienced and results-driven management teams as partners or sub-contractors for agricultural businesses.
  • Skilful and bilingual communication to overcome cultural and professional barriers.