Yuhu Group Australia is a private investment management company that has experienced strong levels of growth since its foundation in Sydney in 2012. The company is active across asset investment, property management, development and sales. Yuhu Group Australia’s investment strategy involves targeting high-quality assets in prime locations with solid income streams through commercial and retail tenancy, as well as future development upside.



  • Eastwood Shopping Centre, a vital part of the vibrant Eastwood community since 1976.
  • Bakehouse Quarter, a diverse commercial and retail precinct situated in the charming surrounds of a refurbished Arnott’s biscuit factory in Sydney’s inner-west.
  • The Miller residential tower in prime North Sydney, the company’s first major development which reached maximum construction height in January 2019.
  • Berry 20, a major office building in central North Sydney.
  • Pymble Corporate Centre, a significant commercial landholding on Sydney’s sought-after north shore.
  • Northbridge Commercial Centre in a prestigious location less than 7 km from Sydney CBD.
  • Glenwood Shopping Centre, north-west of Sydney’s CBD.
  • Eastwood Town Centre, a vibrant new precinct proposed to thoughtfully combine contemporary residential living with the convenience of dynamic retail shopping and commercial services.

Yuhu Group Australia also continues to explore opportunities with Fisheries & Agriculture assets and has a proud track record of philanthropy.


Since its founding in early 2010s in Sydney, Yuhu Group Australia has built a sound track record of investing in high quality assets that represent timeless value for our business. This also underpins our approach to addressing a cyclical market and building resilience to economic changes.

Yuhu’s assets are prime of location, quality, and diversification – all projects situate in the heart of their respective precinct, complimented by quality amenities and services tailored to the community, and represent a balanced blend of retail, commercial and/or residential components that ensures a steady income stream while bringing together a community.

Our rapid growth is accredited to all members of the Yuhu team. At the forefront of our success is an insightful investment expert panel and a strong and professional asset management team, supported by our back-office specialists. Together, we have been providing clear and sustainable investment advice.

Yuhu Group Australia will continue to grow as a top-tier property investment brand and will do so in celebration of our success along with every employee, investor and community member we meet along this incredible journey.

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